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Kenya Lodge Safaris
3 Days Maasai Mara Safaris
3 Days Amboseli Safaris
3 Days Samburu Safaris
4 Days Masai Mara Safari
4 Days Masai /Lake Nakuru
4 Days Aberdares/Samburu
4 Days Naivasha/Masai Mara
5 Days Nakuru/ Masai Mara
5 Days Masai Mara/ Nakuru
6 Days Amboseli/Mara
6 Days Samburu/Mara
7 Days Samburu/Tree/ Mara
7 Days Ark/ Samburu
8 Days Samburu/ Mara
8 Days Aberdares/Mara
9 Days Aberdares/ Amboseli
10 Days Samburu/Tsavo
12 Days Kenya Classic Safari
15 Days Migration Safari

Kenya Camping Safaris
3 Days Maasai Mara Safari
3 Days Amboseli Safari
3 Days Samburu Safari
4 Days Nakuru/Maasai Mara
4 Days Maasai Mara Safari
6 Days Mara & The Lakes
6 Days Samburu/Mara
6 Days Mara/Amboseli
8 Days Budget Camping

Mombasa Excursions
Half Day Mombasa Tour
Full Day Mombasa Tour
Tamarind Dhow
Wasini Island Dhow
Tsavo East National Park
Shimba Hills National Park

Nairobi Excursions
Nairobi City Tour
Nairobi National Park
Bomas Of Kenya
Carnivore Restaurant
Out Of Africa
Limuru Country Tour
Rift Valley/Lake Nakuru

Mount Kenya Routes
7 Days Sirimon Route
6 Days Sirmon Out Naro Moru
6 Days Naro Moru Route
5 Days Chogoria / Naro Moru
5 Days Sirmon Out Chiogoria
6 Days Chogoria / Naro Moru

Kenya Special Safaris
Whitewater Rafting Kenya
Kenya Air Safari Packages
Kenya Honeymoon Safaris
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Nairobi Excursions & Short

KTSHNE 01 - Nairobi City Tour: 3 Hours
The tour covers the modern city center the colorful City Market, Parliament buildings, the Railway Station and the renowned National Museum where there are spell binding displays of the early man tribal regalia and the flora and fauna of Kenya. A visit to the adjacent Snake Park is also included.

KTSHNE 02 - Nairobi National Park: 4 Hours
The tour starts at 2.00 p.m. This unique sanctuary is just a few kilometers from Nairobi's bustling city center but despite its proximity several species of mammals can be found there, including four of the "Big five ". The tour returns to the city center by sunset. A private tour of the same can be organized in the morning for groups.

KTSHNE 03 - Bomas Of Kenya:
Bomas of Kenya is just a few Kilometers from the city center and has numerous homesteads reflecting Kenya's cocktail of cultures which has been faithfully recreated for visitors to see traditional village life. The greatest excitement in the afternoon is a visit to the display of traditional dances, music and folklore song in splendid arena.

KTSHNE 04 - Carnivore Restaurant: Carnivore Experience:
Guaranteed daily at 12.30 p.m. and 7.00p.m. Nairobi has many restaurants offering varieties of cuisine. We recommend a dinner or lunch at the Carnivore which is famous for the succulent stew and barbecue dishes of game meat as an excellent compliment to a holiday in Kenya; especially as an excellent welcome or farewell dinner.

KTSHNE 05 - Paradise Lost Caves:
Paradise lost is perhaps t largest picnic site in Kenya. Its home to some 2.5 million old stoneage caves and used to be hide out for the 'Mau Mau' freedom fighters. Activities iclude canoeing, horse riding and feeding maasai ostriches

KTSHNE 05 - Mamba Village Crocodile Farm, Kenya
Mamba Village is a crocodile farm in Nyali, Kenya, near Mombasa. Mamba Village is the largest crocodile farm in all of East Africa. Visitors to Mamba Village can take tours of the crocodile farm to learn about the life cycle of crocodiles. For those wanting to taste crocodile meat, Mamba Restaurant is located in Mamba Village and serves up fresh crocodile.

KTSHNE 07 - The Giraffe Center
The Giraffe Center is on Gogo Falls Road about 1 km from the Langata shopping center. Adult and young giraffes can be fed by visitors and itís an excellent opportunity to have a closer look of these beautiful animals.The giraffes are kept behind a fence in a large field, but there is a feeding building where you can stand on the balcony and they come right up to you. The gift shop is nice as well. Expect to spend 1 - 2 hours at the center.

KTSHNE 08 - Karen Blixen / Giraffe Centre: 4 Hours
Visit the famous Karen Blixen (museum) then later have some tea at the Giraffe centre while watching giraffes.

KTSHNE 09 - Karen Blixen:
We depart in the morning or in the afternoon and drive towards the Ngong Hills passing the Ngong village to the Karen Blixen Museum, which for many years was her home. Later we proceed to the Giraffe Center to see and feed the famous Rothschild Giraffes

KTSHNE 10 - Half Day Excursion To Karen Blixen Museum / Giraffe Manor / Daphne Elephant Orphanage
A Nairobi excursion where you spend a wonderful half day at the historical Karen Blixen museum ( Out of Africa) and with giraffes and baby elephants! Visiting the Giraffe Manor and the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.

KTSHNE 11 - Karen blixen Museum
A Short tour to the home of the pioneer coffee farmer, Karen Blixen - of "Out of Africa" fame, is now preserved as a museum. A visit to this museum provides an opportunity to step back in time and gain an insight into this remarkable woman's life. Views of the Ngong Hills
can be admired from the beautifully landscaped gardens of the museum.

The Karen Blixen museum is one of a number of very interesting regional museums and archeological and prehistoric sites of the National museums of Kenya, and it continues to be an immensely popular tourist attraction with the same words ' I dreamt of Africa'

KTSHNE 12 - Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage:
David Sheldrick Elephant orphanage where you come close to elephant calves! Daphne Sheldrick As part of the David Sheldrick Conservation Foundation rehabilitates baby elephants and other wildlife here at her home just outside of Nairobi National Park.

These babies have lost their mothers to poaching, death, injuries, on getting lost in the wild or other tragedies. Daphne and her dedicated staff raise them to be released back into the wild when they are ready. Its worth visiting and see humanitarian care to the wildlife and the heart it takes to care. They charge a small entrance fees instead you can buy a souvenir or donate for the conservation.

KTSHNE 14 - Nairobi African Butterfly Center Excursion: 3 hours
Butterfly Center in Kenya is the second world largest butterfly center after the main British Museum of Natural History in London. The butterfly center offers visitors a special informative and impressive excitement on butterflies rearing and their beauty with an added attraction offered to Eco-tourists .

The main aim of the center is to create awareness of conservation of African butterflies and butterfly experts from all over the world will be able to do their research in the library there. Steve Collins,the founder named one butterfly in honour of Leaky, who once headed the Kenya Wildlife Services, as a sign of his service to conservation in Africa.

KTSHNE 15 - Dalphine Sheldrick Orphanage Animals & The African Butterfly Center
Watch tiny orphans at their bath and being fed with milk and learn how each one has to be loved and brought up. Thereafter proceed towards the Africa Butterfly Research Center.

KTSHNE 16 - Kazuri Beads
Handmade, hand-painted ceramic jewellery made in Nairobi. Every bead which goes to make up necklace or bracelet is shaped by hand by one of the local women employed by Kazuri.


Tanzania Lodge Safaris
3 Days Ngorongoro Crater
3 Days Ngorongoro /Manyara
4 Days Manyara/Ngorongoro
5 Days Manyara/Tarangire
5 Days Manyara/Serengeti
6 Days Manyara/Serengeti
7 Days Manyara/Tarangire
7 Days Manyara/Serengeti

Tanzania Camping Safaris
3 Days Ngorongoro Crater
3 Days Ngorongoro /Lake Manyara
4 Days Manyara/ Tarangire
5 Days Manyara/Ngorongoro
5 Days Manyara/Serengeti
6 Days Manyara/Serengeti
7 Days Manyara/Ngorongoro
7 Days Manyara/Serengeti

Kenya Tanzania Combined
8 Days Kenya Tanzania Safari
9 Days Kenya Tanzania Safari
11 Day Kenya Tanzania Wildlife
12 Days Kenya Tanzania Tours
14 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari
15 Days East Africa Safari

Mount Kilimanjaro Routes
7 Days Marangu Route
8 Days Machame Route
7 Days Mweka Route
7 Days Umbwe Route
8 Days Shira Route
7 Days Lemosho Route
8 Days Rongai Route

Uganda Gorilla Tracking
3 Day Mountain Gorilla Safari
5 Days Gorilla Safari in Uganda
14 Days Hot Spots Of Uganda






















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